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What is Action Scotland Against Stalking?

The ‘Campaign Action Scotland Against Stalking’ ( ASAS) was launched in March 2009 by Ann Moulds, from Ayrshire. She is a survivor of one of longest and worst stalking cases recorded in Scotland.  Over a year after launching ASAS, Ann and her team have contributed to some major breakthroughs – most notably the introduction of specific anti-stalking legislation in Scotland. The efforts of ASAS to bring in the legislation have now been recognised – in the form of 2 prestigious awards -  the Scottish Charities Award for ‘Campaign of the Year 2010’ and in November, Ann Moulds won the ‘Public Campaigner of the Year’ at the Scottish Politicians of the Year Awards Ceremony.  Congratulations to Ann and all her supporters. Watch Ann in action, giving evidence giving evidence to the Scottish parliament’s justice committee here.

The Law 

In June 2010 Stalking became a named crime and a criminal offence enshrined within the new Criminal Justice & Licensing (Scotland) Bill.  It received Royal Assent in August 2010 and on 13th December came into force as statute law. This is a historical landmark for Scotland.  Scotland now boasts one of the most robust anti stalking laws in the world. Stalking has at last been recognised as a serious form of violence and a potentially dangerous crime.  Find out more about the legislation here

But the fight for justice continues…

Aims & Objectives of ASAS

ASAS says Stalking is a form of violence against women and needs to be acknowledged and understood as a serious crime which requires serious legislation and serious policing.  Campaign founder Ann Moulds said: “It is this which prompted me to campaign for a change in the law which will give stalking the credence it deserves and women the protection they need.”

ASAS wants:

*    Sentencing in line with the new law
*    Offenders’ Register
*    Training
*    Specialised Knowledge 
*    Risk Assessment 
*    Improved response to victims
*    Raise public awareness

Supporters of ASAS

Richard Baker MSP

James Brodie OBE (former national chairman of Victim Support)

Hamish Browne MBE

Lord George Foulkes 

Sandra Osborne MP

Rhoda Grant MSP

John Scott MSP

Adam Ingram MSP

Local government councillors Elaine Little, Anne Galbraith and Mairi Low

South Ayrshire Multi Agency Partnership for Violence Against Women

Dr Lorraine Sheridan, Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh. 


Ann is delivering training sessions, workshops and speaking at conferences and seminars to continue to raise awareness about the seriousness of stalking and impact on victims. It is hoped Ann will raise awareness to the difficulties victims face when they are involved within the criminal justice system. This can be scary and daunting. Ann hopes to raise awareness to the importance of  a more victim centred approach to help victims cope with this experience.  If you’d like more information about training email

ASAS in the media

Ann Moulds has spoken out about her experience of stalking across the UK media.  Have a look at some of the coverage below:

Sky News 12th June 2010
BBC News 23rd March 2010

The Daily Record 23rd March 2010

STV news 23rd March 2010

The Herald 12th April 2010

The Guardian Jan  29th 2010

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