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Network for Surviving Stalking is internationally recognised as the leading Registered Charity in the United Kingdom dedicated to supporting victims of stalking, free of cost or commercial gain. It aims to provide support to victims, potential victims and others affected by stalking /harassment throughout the UK, to raise awareness of the subject and to provide information about stalking /harassment and harassment to professionals, relevant agencies and the public.

Welcome to Network for Surviving Stalking


TRUST YOUR INSTINCT from Orchid Films.

If you’re frightened by someone’s behaviour towards you and feel you’re in danger, call 999 now.  Your instinct is the best protection you have against a stalker – trust it. Find out if you’re being stalked here

Help and Support

If you need help or advice and want to speak to someone directly about stalking and harassment, please  contact The National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300  Email advice@stalkinghelpline.org

Information Resource

Please use our web-site to find out more about stalking and harassment.  It features information that can help you work out if you’re being stalked and whether you may be in danger. It also contains advice about what to expect if you contact the police about a stalking case.

Raising Awareness

If you would like us to raise awareness about stalking please email campaign@nss.org.uk 

Please do what you can to mark National Stalking Awareness Day on April 18th 2013. You can find more information and resources here.

Research and  Training

If you are interested in research about stalking, or you would like information about the training packages we can offer, please email campaign@nss.org.uk

Please help us

Please make a much needed financial contribution  towards our work by donating.  You can also support us by shopping at our online bookstore.


Stalking ruins lives and can lead to rape and murder. But it starts with ‘petty or trivial” incidents - for example repeatedly being sent texts or emails, phone calls, being followed or sent unwanted ’presents’.  Many don’t realise what’s happening  and ignore the problem and hope it goes away.  If you or someone you know is experiencing ‘obsessive’ behaviour from another person, take it seriously.  Trust your instinct.  It could save your life.

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